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Assorted fabric scraps in various colors and patterns, perfect for patchwork projects.


Fabric Scrap Assortment

Image of Fabric Scrap Assortment


A set of colorful buttons in different sizes and shapes, ideal for adding unique accents to upcycled clothing.


Colorful Button Set

Image of Colorful Button Set


A pack of safety scissors with rounded tips, designed for cutting fabric and other materials safely.


Safety Scissors Pack

Image of Safety Scissors Pack



A DIY upcycling kit that includes fabric scraps, buttons, and patches, along with a step-by-step guide for creating a personalized upcycled garment.


Personalized Upcycling Kit

Image of Personalized Upcycling Kit


A beginner-friendly upcycling kit that contains all the essential materials needed to transform old clothes into trendy accessories.


Upcycling Starter Kit

Image of Upcycling Starter Kit


An advanced upcycling kit for experienced crafters, featuring a wide range of materials and tools for creating intricate upcycled designs.


Advanced Upcycling Kit

Image of Advanced Upcycling Kit



A set of colorful embroidery threads, perfect for adding decorative stitching to upcycled clothing and accessories.


Embroidery Thread Set

Image of Embroidery Thread Set


A collection of iron-on patches in various designs, ready to be applied to upcycled garments for a unique touch.


Iron-On Patch Collection

Image of Iron-On Patch Collection


A bundle of decorative trims and ribbons, ideal for embellishing upcycled clothing and adding a touch of elegance.


Decorative Trim Bundle

Image of Decorative Trim Bundle

Upcycling Kits

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